HINDSIGHT launch day! Sneaky peeky excerpt…

Whoo-hoo! The day has arrived! HINDSIGHT is released today. It’s just  little bit exciting!


In celebration, here’s a sneaky excerpt – a conversation between the main character, Juliette Wilde and her feisty  older sister, Dash…

“Hey chickster,” Dash says. “What’s happened? Are you alright?”

“I think Chris is having an affair with Anya.” The words sting. It’s unbelievable that they are actually being spoken.

“Whaaaaaat? No way! Uh-uh, no way in the world. Not Chris,” she says.

“I just heard it from her own mouth.”

“Onion told you that she’s having an affair with your husband?” She’s outraged, which makes me feel a tiny bit better that someone is on my side. “Where is she? I’ll sort her out.”

“No, she told her friend. I just happened to overhear their conversation. She said they kissed the night they all went out and that he is on the brink of leaving me. She wants to make a family — my family — with him. With MY HUSBAND!”

“Oh Jules, that’s awful. You poor darling. But it’s not true, is it?” Dash knows Chris almost as well as me.

“Of course she’s lying, just wishful thinking. He wouldn’t, would he? Everything’s been so wonderful. We’ve worked through so much in the last three weeks. We’re happy again.”

“No. There is no way that Chris would cheat on you. But…” She looks off into the distance as though some great philosophical thought is coming forth.

“But what?”

“Is kissing defined as cheating?” She raises an eyebrow.

“Of course it’s cheating!” I say. “If Joe pashed someone else, wouldn’t you consider that to be cheating?”

Dash looks lost in thought and confused all at once.

“Besides, are you saying that it’s OK for him to pash that trollop?” I ask.

“No, of course I’m not, Jules. But it’s subjective, isn’t it? For some people kissing is alright. You know, some men think it’s OK to get a blowjob because it’s not intercourse. Do you think that Chris would define kissing as cheating?”

“Well, yes, definitely.”

“You hesitated there. Are you positive that Chris would class pashing as cheating?”

I slump backwards into a chair and look at Dash’s face, which is remarkably similar to mine, except without all the enhancements. The weight of my own heart seems unbearably heavy, dragging me off the chair and through the floor.

“I don’t know. He was very snappy with me when we talked about it the next day. It was so unlike him, he’s never spoken crossly to me before. But there’s been absolutely no sign since, nothing to suggest anything’s going on.”

“Did he say anything else about it?” she asks.

“No, just that he would be offended if I was hinting that something happened between them…”

My eyes close as the connection is made. Snappy, accusing me of accusing him.

Dash looks at me as though…well, as though my husband has cheated on me.

Then come the tears.

HINDSIGHT is available now from Escape Publishing.


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