Everything I know about sex…

This post, from Escape Publishing’s ‘Escapades Blog’ is a great read – why Romance readers love the genre, and what tips and trick can our partners learn from Romance Heroes in the bedroom…

The Escapades

by Kate

When I tell people I’m not only a romance novel reader, but an active advocate for the genre, I tend to get met with silence. Most people, after all, don’t want to be rude to your face. But there are some, and contextually, it’s often after a few drinks, who will come back with ‘isn’t that porn for women?’

And I tend to answer, ‘well, kinda’. It’s not the porn they’re thinking of, but porn exists on a number of levels, and romance novels do tend to fulfil their readers’ emotional fantasies. But that’s not what this post is about.

If the conversation continues, my inquisitor generally only wants to talk about one thing: the sex. I will normally try and explain that sexuality in romance novels is varied and can be nothing more than holding hands, but, let’s face it, that’s not what people want to hear…

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