Interesting but useless questions, part 2…

My very first post was titled ‘Interesting but Useless questions’. That was in October 2012. So, nearly one year later, I have come up with more queer mental ramblings…

Does the wool on a sheep get really heavy when it’s wet? 


Wool can absorb nearly one third its own weight in moisture – that’s why there’s no such thing as a woollen bikini – because you’d need steel reinforcing to keep such a bikini where it needs to be.  Are the poor buggers struggling to stay upright under the weight?  Perhaps that’s why some of them seem to have a permanent lean to one side.  After all, they do have those skinny little legs.

So next time I get stuck in the rain and my clothes are saturated, I am going to thank the good lord I’m not a sheep (or wearing a woollen bikini).

Are fish embarrassed when they fart?


It’s not as though they can hide it from the other fish – the bubbles are a dead giveaway. Even if  they are really polite fish, who swim behind a plant or object to let one go, the bubbles will still be visible.  If they all got together and farted simultaneously, would the tank turn into a temporary spa? Has it ever occurred, or is it something the fish do when the family has gone to bed and all the lights are off?

Do only pets know they are animals and not humans?


We treat them like humans:

  • They eat expensive food with labels like ‘gourmet’ and ‘tiny tender morsels’ and the ads have Eva Longoria prancing around in the back ground. Does that mean that if I buy that cat food, I will turn into Eva Longoria, or she will come and dance for my cat? Surely, I’m not expected to leap onto my furniture and gyrate each time I feed the cat? (Why is she advertising cat food anyway?)
  •  We give them human names – animals aren’t named Puss or Fido anymore. They have sophisticated names like, Shiloh, Bodhi, Bailey, Rufus and Princess Bubbles . (We did have a cat named  Edward Wellington Mouseripper – he was called Ted for short and was not an overly good Mouseripper).

At what age do boy’s testicles become sensitive?

hit in groin

Babies and toddlers grab them with their little hands and squeeze until it all comes out between their fingers like Playdoh and it doesn’t seem to bother them. Grown men vomit, can’t breathe and almost require hospitalisation from the tiniest flick. So, when does the sensitivity start?

Is it possible to train your dog to pooh in a litter tray, like a cat?


I think there’s huge scope to explore that option, and my ten year old son is currently leading the way because he hates doing pooh patrol each morning.

Why is it in American TV shows, that no one ever finishes the drink they just bought from the bar?

bar drinks

I have never left a drink untouched or unfinished – especially one I’ve paid bar prices for.  It’s against my religion.

Also, on the topic of American TV shows  – why does no one ever say ‘goodbye’ at the end of a phone conversation? And why do all US TV show phone numbers begin with 555?

Is it a cultural thing or do the script writers need to budget their words? If there are any readers from the US who can help me with the last two questions, I’d be very grateful.


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