World’s weirdest sports on Lily Malone’s Bunker-play blog hop and giveaway!

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Today, as part of the Lily Pad Blog Hop,  to celebrate the release of Lily Malone’s  ‘Fairway To Heaven’, I thought we’d explore some sporting activities that are bound to end in years of intense physiotherapy and, perhaps,  a life long aversion to cheese…

5. Extreme Ironing…

extreme ironing cliff

The Extreme Ironing Bureau (yes, they have their own bureau!) defines Extreme Ironing as:  ‘the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.’

Competitors from around the world press their shirts in a variety of extreme locations – underwater, on mountain or cliff tops, climbing walls, during cross country runs…you get the idea.

However, this is a sport with an enormous heart as they raise funds for various charities through their activities – good one guys. Great to see a sense of humour and charity work combined with creases so sharp they could be used to shave with.

4. Bog Snorkelling…

bog racing

If you’ve ever felt the desire to kit up in a snorkel and mask, don a wetsuit and swim through a 55 metre peat bog trench, then this is the sport for you. The world championships, which commenced in 1985,  are held  annually every August Bank Holiday in Wales.

No conventional swimming strokes are allowed, competitors must make it to the end of the course using fins/flippers alone. Another wacky sport that donates the funds raised from their annual World Championships to a different charity each year.

Loving your work guys – but please excuse me if I don’t want to give it a go myself. In Australia ‘bog’ is another word for poo, so I can’t see it taking off here!

3. Outhouse Racing…


Okay, this one is actually sponsored by Pepsi and takes place in Mackinaw, USA  each January. Teams build an outhouse on skis and then race through the snow against other teams.  Here are the rules as stated on their website:

Outhouse must be approx. 4′ x 4′ x 6′ on skis
Must have 5 person team, one inside with 4 outside to push or pull
Must have toilet seat
Must have material to wipe with, (Yep, toilet paper!)

Their slogan is: “The best case of the runs you’ll ever have!”

Love it!

2. Unicycle Polo…

unicycle polo

Originating in Portland, USA, the Unicycle Bastard’s  motto is: ‘We are Portland’s premiere all-inclusive unicycling club. Do you like riding a unicycle, hitting people with a stick, and sweating/swearing?”

Their rule book states that each game must contain: frequent and colourful swearing,’ the consumption of ‘one alcoholic beverage prior to every match’ and ‘urination in approved restroom facilities.’

If that isn’t a call to kindred spirits then I don’t know what is.

1. Cheese Rolling…

This is one of the most bizarre and violent sports I’ve ever seen.  A wheel of cheese is rolled down a hill, followed by competitors who literally throw themselves down the hill in pursuit of the cheese in an attempt to beat it to the bottom. One year the cheese went off course and actually injured a spectator.

cheese cheese Gloucestershire "Cheese Rolling and Wake"

What more can I say, other than “Orthopaedic Surgeons and Physiotherapists line up and collect your new clients at the bottom of the hill”…

To celebrate the release of ‘Fairway to Heaven’, I will be giving away one e-copy of my debut novel, Hindsight, as part of the blog hop cache. Just leave a comment to be in the running!  Format will be either Amazon or ITunes only. This giveaway is open internationally and will be drawn on January 15, 2014.

Fairway To Heaven – the blurb…

When Jennifer Gates drives to Sea Breeze Golf Club to kick off date-night with her boyfriend, the last thing she expects is to find Golf-Pro Jack giving one of his lady students a private—and very personal—lesson in bunker-play. Lucky for Jenn, her best friend gives her the keys to the Culhane family’s beach shack on the shore of Western Australia’s Geographe Bay. Jenn hopes a weekend on the coast with her young son will give her the space she needs to rebuild her confidence after Jack’s betrayal. But she’s not the only person seeking sanctuary by the sea. Brayden Culhane is there too, and Jenn can’t look at Brayden without remembering the tequila-flavoured kiss they shared on the shack steps years ago. As long-buried feelings are rekindled, and a friendship is renewed, Jenn knows it is more than lazy summer days bringing her mojo back. Romantic sunsets, ice-cold beers and the odd round of golf can only go so far, because this time, trusting Brayden with her heart won’t be enough. Jenn has to learn to trust her body, too.

Buy links for Fairway to Heaven: (I’m reading this now and am loving it. I’ve even stayed up waaaaay past my bedtime to keep reading – which is not something I normally do as sleep is very important to me!)




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22 thoughts on “World’s weirdest sports on Lily Malone’s Bunker-play blog hop and giveaway!

  1. Oh I wish I’d written this post Sarah Belle! Wonderful insight into extreme sports. Thank you Lily and Sarah. This has made my morning 🙂

  2. Cate Ellink says:

    I’m with Jennie, awesome post Sarah!!

    Cate xo

  3. noelleclarkblog says:

    This is a seriously entertaining blog post, Sarah! Loved it. Lily, hope you’re enjoying your release fun.

  4. Lily Malone says:

    Aww, just brilliant. I like the idea of extreme ironing – how the heck do they do that under water?? Have seen the cheese rolling on TV before.
    Great post Ms Belle! You do whacky so well!

    • Sarah Belle says:

      Thanks Lily and a huge congratulations to you on the release of ‘Fairway to Heaven’. I am almost half way through it and love it! This will be one I return to read over again for sure.

  5. Juanita Kees says:

    That was so much fun, thanks Sarah 🙂 Extreme ironing – love it!

  6. Rhyll Biest says:

    I’m quite impressed by the ‘extreme’ ironing, I always assumed extreme athletes didn’t know how to iron because they were too extreme. Nice to learn otherwise! Great blog post 🙂

  7. Vanessa G says:

    Brilliant and hilarious post! Loved it, Sarah! 🙂
    Your book sounds awesome, Lily! 🙂

  8. Iris B says:

    I should just print this pic of the guy ironing and have it with me when people tell me I’m weird for liking ironing – now extreme ironing is weird, but …. hmm … I’d probably enjoy the view 🙂
    Great post. Really well done!

  9. Robbie Hamond says:

    Great read, remember my first account of Unicycle, my legs and elbows are still marked. A great read thanks for sharing all the best

  10. Karla Oleinikoff says:

    Thanks for giving me a fantastic giggle today! I must admit I looked away as I was scrolling down ans was taken aback when I thought I saw “Unicorn Poo”. I was really relieved when I actually read “Unicycle Polo”.

  11. Sarah Belle says:

    And the winner of an ecopy of Hindsight is Karla Oleinikoff. Congratulations Karla and thanks everyone for stopping by to celebrate the release of ‘Fairway to Heaven’. Lily Malone – you’ve written an awesome book!

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