Penazzling: the art of making your doo-daa pretty…

About a year ago I did a blog on Vajazzing- the art of making your hoo-haa pretty. Who would have thought that it would be consistently the most viewed post on my entire blog?

The Vajazzling post has received six times the views of its closest competitor, I Need it Hot and Sweaty Every week, without fail, it is the top performer.

Seeing as writing about genitals gets me far more views than anything else I’ve written, it’s time to explore the genital factor a little more.

So, to continue in the series of making or genitals more attractive, I thought it was about time to do a blog on the boy version – Penazzling.

penazzling man tors

Warning – This post contains censored photos of Penazzling –  a decorated penis.  If you are under the age of 18 or are offended by penises, please don’t continue reading…

Just like a lady getting a Brazillian waxing to kick off the beautification process – something that requires a higher tolerance to pain than child birth (and at least the doctors give you loads of drugs for birthing), the men too must undergo a complete waxing.

But it’s not called a Brazillian for men.  It’s called a BOYZILLIAN.

Here is the G-rated version of what’s involved in a Boyzillian.

penazzling - boyz

Just in case you didn’t quite get it from the above pictures, has described the process as a waxing of the Bikini line (although it should state ‘Mankini’), shaft, perineum, scrotum, groin, crack and buttocks.

Are you farking kidding me? My husband just about vomits and passes out when one our boys hits him in the nuts, so what kind of emergency medical aid has to be administered to the men who undertake the Boyzillian?

Are they just handed their broken and swollen testicles back when they leave the salon? Perhaps contained in a human organ esky so they can go to the local hospital and have them reattached?

The advantages of ripping your pubic hairs out by the root include:

  • A neater, cleaner undercarriage,
  • Making your penis look larger by clearing away the undergrowth (yeah, let’s go with that),
  • Is more attractive to women (yeah, if you say so)…

If that isn’t enough for you, your bald as a badger balls and penis can now be decorated.

You could go for the Disco look of 1978…

penazzling richard simmons

Thanks to Richard Simmons for acting as a censor. The sacrifice of throwing yourself in the way of a bejewelled penis for the sake of decorum is duly noted and appreciated.


Thanks Bare Beauty for this pic

 penazzling footprints


I’d have to wonder what kind of creature is living in this man’s groin if it leaves luminous green footprints in its wake…

The Italian Stallion…

 penazzling david




The one hung low, two hung high look…

 penazzling discoball


Of course, if Penazzling isn’t enough for you,  if you’re a little jaded with the skin tone of your dude, or discolouration / pigmentation  has got you down, then perhaps penis and scrotum bleaching  is for you.

Just as some women bleach the skin of their girly bits to keep them pink and fresh, men can also keep their bits…pink and fresh… Not only can you bleach them, but you can also dye them a particular hue.

If applying corrosive chemicals to your genitals doesn’t phase you- because remember, that’s what bleach is- then you may also want to dye your pubes. A nice iridescent pink or green- nature’s own colours- may be just what you’re after.



We could go on to discuss piercings, but….I really don’t want to.

So, thanks boys for caring enough about the ascetics of your nethers to put yourself though all kinds of penal torture.

8 thoughts on “Penazzling: the art of making your doo-daa pretty…

  1. Cathryn Hein says:

    Oh, god.Stuff the manscaped goolies, I’m goggle-eyed over My New Pink Button!

    • Sarah Belle says:

      I think some people have waaay too much time on their hands, Cathryn. I can’t figure out why people would want to bleach their bits- there’s got to be one part of us that is allowed to age naturally, surely? Lol!

  2. For a moment I thought a pejazzled peen was *meant* to look like Richard Simmons standing in front of a mirrored peen that was meant to make the peen appear larger, and I was all ‘Pass the bleach for my eyes.’

    I’m all for a leave the pubes where they are and just ‘tidy’ things up, not rip stuff out. Grown ups are supposed to have pubes.

  3. I can’t get the penazzled Leo Sayer out of mind. Its taking over my damned thoughts. I see him everywhere, damn it Sarah! It was only enhanced by the swinging disco ball. My expectations are going to be so high after this!

  4. Imelda Evans says:

    Somehow, Sarah, I don’t think you’re the target market to impress for the lads who go in for this. Whoever it is though, I can’t help thinking about where the jazzles would end up and the chafing!

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