Choose Your Cast: Erotic Romance novelist, Cate Ellink…

Hello Cate, and thanks for participating in Sarah Belle’s ‘Choose your Cast’ blog bit! Your new release, ‘Deep Diving’ sounds very sexy!

Hi Sarah, thanks for having me visit!

Book Title: Deep Diving

Can you give us the blurb, please?

Two competitive athletes and a sex-filled holiday fling. No strings, right?

Samantha Caine, newly-retired Olympic triathlete, meets Cooper Sterling, high-profile rugby league player, on tropical paradise, Lord Howe Island when they’re paired as dive buddies.

Soon they become more than undersea partners and things get seriously sexy, but Sam’s disinclined to be another football groupie, and for Cooper it’s about more than good looks.

Is a holiday fling the finish line or can Sam and Cooper turn friendly competition into more than sizzling sex?



Character 1 – Name: Cooper Sterling

Tell us about this character: He’s the most incredible hero I’ve ever written. He’s fit, sexy, fun, a great sport, brilliant in bed, awesome to perv at. There’s nothing wrong with him at all.

Who would you choose to play this character? Not an actor, this character was inspired by an NRL footy player, Cooper Cronk.

I usually invent my characters from scratch but with this one, I was sitting at the footy watching him play and this story crept into my mind. Lots of people scour the internet for a photo of their hero/heroine before they start but that’s not for me! I’m never ever doing this again because I can’t separate him from the character now. I watch him play footy and I see him in my story, exactly as amazing as I made him to be! It’s not a good thing. From now on, it’s all my imagination, no dreaming of stories while looking at people!

Looking at this photo, Cate, I can see why he is drool worthy! I’m a bit of a fan of biceps- well chosen!



Character 2 – Name: Samantha Caine

Tell us about this character: Sam’s an ex-triathlete, so she competes hard. Cooper gets away with nothing while Sam’s around. He might win, but she pushes him hard. She’s confident, attractive, and a few years older than Cooper.

Who would you choose to play this character and why? In my head I had someone who was a mix of Emma Snowsill (the triathlete) and Sally Fitzgibbons (the surfer). Really fit, great smile, blonde-brown hair, confident.



There are a few other characters but Cooper and Sam are the story and the only ones who I gave an image to in my mind. I’d be a useless casting director for a film!!

Looks to me like you’ve chosen very well! Thanks for coming on today, Cate. I will have fun visualising those biceps while reading ‘Deep Diving’!

About Cate:

Cate Ellink became intrigued by the erotic when her grandfather used to pass books to her father saying, “Don’t let the girls read page X.” Although her mother and sisters never bothered to chase those pages, Cate always did. Invariably, her imagination was better than what she read. While pursuing a career in science, Cate amused herself by writing about ordinary events and giving them an erotic twist. It’s taken more than a few years to bravely expose her mind to the public. While the events in her stories may have occurred, it’s highly likely that her imagination is far more exciting than the reality. Cate lives near the beach in NSW with her long-suffering husband.

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Author Limelight: Erotic novelist, Kate Belle…

Kate’s novel, The Yearning has earned rave reviews since its release this year. Congratulations and hello Kate, welcome to Author’s Limelight!

Kate: Thanks for having me Sarah. Do you think we should explain that we are NOT related?

Sarah: Yes, very good point! Despite having the same surname, blonde hair and hailing from the same state, we are not related. Kate also has a chemistry degree which makes her much brainier than me with a business degree!

What was the first story you ever wrote?

The Only Survivor. It won the Benalla Ensign Bookweek short story award for under 15’s in 1978. It was a dramatic account of a person who survived an airplane crash – something I knew a lot about at 13 years old – given I’d never been in an airplane.

I still remember how proud I was to see my story in print.

Yearning lo res

Of all the individuals you have created, do you have a particular favourite? What appeals to you the most about this character?

I have strange, confusing relationships with my male characters. I kind of fall in love with them. I even get a bit obsessive. They occupy my mind in the same way a real lover might. I think about them while I hang out the washing, fantasise about them when sitting in traffic, wonder what they might be doing now. When I’m writing them I often imagine them standing behind me, their hands on my shoulders, whispering the action into my ear.

It’s kinda creepy. Lucky for me they’re fictional, otherwise I might get done for stalking.

Has being published changed you at all? If so, how?

Interesting question! I hope not, I wouldn’t want it to. If anything it’s given me more confidence. If a publisher is willing to publish my work it can’t be complete rubbish. And it’s made me more anxious. In making a job out of being an author I’ve found so many new things to worry about, especially money. I worry about it in a way I’ve never done before.

What would we find on your bookshelf / e-reader?

We have 7 (count them) bookshelves in our home and they are overflowing with eclectic collections of predominantly second hand books. I have shelves of fairytales, erotica, Aboriginal literature, self help books (refugees from my 20’s), cookbooks, poetry, classics, psychology, astrology, and loads of Australian fiction. I’ve probably only read about 20% of it. I will die buried under my books, I’m sure.


What’s the most unappealing thing you’ve ever eaten?

Oh God, I gag at the thought of it. Smoked tofu. I went to Yum Cha with a Filipino friend one day and was thinking of smoked salmon when I ordered it. I couldn’t even swallow it. It tasted like it had been soaked in old cigarette butts for a week. I spat it out into my napkin. It ruined the rest of the meal.

Sarah: Did you see the episode of ‘Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year’ where Hamish ate 10 year old tofu? He gagged, cried and nearly brought it back up numerous times. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen!

If you could be any of the following characters for one day, who would you be and why? How would you re-write the ending?

a) Scarlett O’Hara
from Gone with the Wind.

b) Thelma or Louise from Thelma and Louise.

c) Princess Leia from Starwars.

d) Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Definitely Thelma or Louise – I loved that movie. Of course, there’d be no driving off cliffs but a slow meandering down through Mexico where we would adventure with hot blooded male amigos. Sigh.

Of all the books in history, which do you wish you wrote and why?

I hate choosing just one but if I must – Pride and Prejudice. Because it’s just about as perfect as a novel gets. Gorgeous, insightful writing; compelling love story; convincing characters. Otherwise one of Sonya Hartnett’s books. That woman is a freak, her writing – double sigh.


If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

If I was 12 I’d say flying, but at this stage of my life I have to say cleaning my home to sparkling without having to lift a solitary finger. That or writing perfect first drafts. If you’re going to grant me one, either will do.

Sarah: Oooooh yeah! Good ones, Kate. Love them both.

If you could go back in time, where would you go and when? What is one thing you would want to take with you?

I’d go back to the Summer of Love – San Francisco 1968. I’d take a notebook and pen and write it all down. The passion, the discovery, the fight for freedom and human rights. I’d like to try the dope that was around then, live on a commune, march the streets with placards, talk to Gloria Steinhem, visit Woodstock, immerse in the zeitgeist. Actually I’d probably take condoms too – I wouldn’t want any nasty consequences from participating in the sexual revolution.

Can you tell us about your works in progress?

My second novel will be published mid-2014. Its working title is Saint but it’s unlikely to be published as that.

Fourteen year old Banjo falls in love with Jade the moment he sees her step through the school gate. Their close friendship evolves into marriage but Banjo is vastly unprepared for life with his self-determined, temperamental, damaged wife. After half a lifetime of struggling with Jade’s repeated infidelities he makes a stand and musters the courage to leave. Tragically Banjo is killed, but his spirit is still tied to the woman he loves and he returns to watch his family grieve. When their adult daughters discover Jade’s Book of Lovers Banjo embarks on a journey of discovery. Did Jade love him above all others? And who was the strange man he found Jade with the night he died?

Finally, can you give us a sneaky excerpt from ‘Saint’ please?

People argue about death. Some say it’s the end of everything. They believe life closes off, and who we are, everything we’ve ever been, disintegrates, sinking into the earth with our bodies. Others think life disappears from sight, like a mollusc retracting into its shell. It wasn’t like that for me. For me, death was a beginning, an unexpected roaring rebirth into a different kind of life.

Death dawned on me, cold and shrouded in fog. It was a shock, reaching out to feel nothing. I have no body, no physical presence. I know I exist because I can still think, see, feel, but it’s nothing like the reality of being three dimensional. I remember the feeling of a body, the gravity it gave me. I remember what it was to take up space, move among people, influence the world.

The only place I can’t go is the future. I’ve tried and it’s like slamming hard up against a locked door. If I’m honest, I’m not sure I want to go there. I might lose Jade altogether then. At least now I can still be close to her, hear her voice, let my eyes feast on the sight of her, send my love to her. On the other side of that locked door she might be lost to me forever. And I’m not ready for that. Even now, when I know I’m gone and I can’t have her anymore, I’m not ready to say goodbye to Jade.






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Author Limelight: Erotic Romance writer, Viveka Portman…

Hello Viveka Portman, and welcome to Author’s Limelight!

What was the first story you ever wrote? The first story I truly wrote was an epic medieval fantasy, I was about fifteen at the time.  It was about a girl who wanted to be a mercenary. I still like the premise!

Of all the individuals you have created, do you have a particular favourite? What appeals to you the most about this character? I love all my characters in their own way. I really do have a soft spot however for Lord William Stanton, a character who you see in “The Secret Diary of Lady Catherine Bexley”, and who is a major player in the second book “The Wicked Confessions of Lady Cecelia Stanton” (release date TBA). Lord Stanton is a loveable rogue. He’s a philanderer, gambler but utter charmer. Quick to laugh, and tends to see the best in everyone.


Has being published changed you at all? If so, how? It hasn’t changed me, but it has changed my writing habits. I was a very lackadaisical writer prior to being published, I’d write when I wanted, and only what I what I wanted. Being published motivates me to be a bit more pro-active, and makes me try different things in my writing.

What would we find on your bookshelf / e-reader? A lot of unread books! I have a To Be Read pile that threatens to dwarf me, I love Julie Garwood, Fiona Walker, I also love George RR Martin, and good paranormal romance, the more unusual the better.

What’s the most unappealing thing you’ve ever eaten? Oh I don’t know, I’ve eaten frogs legs but they were actually quite nice! Generally speaking if I find something unappealing I don’t put it in my mouth…

If you could be any of the following characters for one day, who would you be and why? How would you re-write the ending?

a) Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind.

b) Thelma or Louise from Thelma and Louise.

c) Princess Leia from Starwars.

d) Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffanys.

I’d probably be Scarlett O’Hara, because I love Gone with the Wind, mostly because of Rhett Butler – awesome hero! If I could re-write the ending, I’d make sure Bonnie Blue didn’t die, and that Scarlett came to her damn senses and realised what a sexy man she had before it was too late!


Of all the books in history, which do you wish you wrote and why? The Song of Ice and Fire, by George RR Martin – it’s so incredibly epic and engaging. I love it. I admire that man for creating such an amazing world – I’d also like my books to become that popular!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why? Is speaking to animals a super-power? If it is I’d want that, then I could ask my cat why he vomits on my carpet so much.

If you could go back in time, where would you go and when? What is one thing you would want to take with you? If you want the expected answer, I’d say regency England to see all the clothes and manners… If you want the true answer, it’s a bit random – and possibly shows that I’ve never grown up, but here goes… I’d really like to go back in time to see the dinosaurs, I find extinct animals fascinating and would love to see them alive.  I’d also take an invisibility cloak from Harry Potter – just to be on the safe side.

Can you tell us about your works in progress? I am currently writing the third in my Erotic Regency Diary series. It’s tentatively titled “The Private Affairs of Lord and Lady Fielding”. All the characters in the series stem from characters mentioned in “The Secret Diary of Lady Catherine Bexley”. It follows Lady and Lord Fielding in their pursuit to have a son, (they have two daughters). A situation made unfairly complicated by Lord Fielding’s nasty horse kick injury and the arrival of Lord Fieldings fortune grabbing younger brother. This one has got even me flustered!

Finally, can you give us a sneaky excerpt from “The Secret Diary of Lady Catherine Bexley” please?

 Dear diary, it is a relief to know that my husband will not stray to the arms of another woman — I merely wish he’d stray into my own arms a little more frequently — and perhaps stay there a little longer than he is known to. ‘I am grateful,’ I whispered, and nestled closer towards him. I could feel the heat from his thigh burn through the layers of cloth between us. Did he feel it too? My hands had been at rest in my lap, but I let one rise and fall to land on the leg that stretched beside mine. I felt my husband’s body tense beneath it. I turned to face him; I would be bold. ‘Would you kiss me?’ I whispered, knowing my cheeks burned at the words. He stared at me as if I’d spoken Gaelic, and hesitated. ‘Please?’ I asked. It took him another moment to decide, but he swiftly dipped his head and kissed me lightly on the cheek. It was not the kiss I’d wanted or envisioned. I’d seen other people kiss — and kiss passionately at that. Lovers would hide, secreted away behind hedges and dark doorways at parties and balls, kissing each other with longing and desire. In my opinion, kisses on the cheek should be reserved for grandmothers and babies — not wives. ‘I meant …’ I felt the blush. ‘Perhaps you may wish to kiss me on the lips.’ I stared at his mouth then and focussed on his lips; they were full and well-shaped. He pulled away from me and stood. ‘Kissing on the lips, Catherine, is for the French — you are a well bred Englishwoman. A kiss on the cheek is proper.’ He looked angry. ‘Of course, I apologise,’ I said . As I stood, he offered me a stiff arm — which I took lamely, and we returned to the hall.  

Portman, Viveka  The Secret Diary Of Lady Catherine Bexley, Escape Publishing – Harlequin Enterprises Pty Ltd,  Australia.




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